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Pertussis looks hazy or out of solution after reconstitution - Is this normal to see and okay to use?

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018 12:00PM PDT
Pertussis toxin, when reconstituted, is naturally hazy and is out of solution.  You may notice some settling in the reconstituted vial.  This is normal and the product is fine to use.

Some tips to achieve optimal results when using Pertussis toxin:

(1)  Reconstitute Pertussis toxin per its designated Certificate of Analysis.
(2)  Gently pipette the reconstituted Pertussis solution in and out (back into the product vial) to mix.
(3)  When pipetting the solution out during mixing, gently pipette the solution against the inside of the vial to make sure all of the toxin is released from the inside of the glass vial, as the protein can stick to the glass. 
(4)  Each time you go to retrieve a sample, be sure to gently mix (as mentioned above) so that you get an even suspension each time.
(5)  Do not vortex or sonicate the Pertussis solution.
(6) Do not sterile filter/filter this product or protein will be lost.

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